About PlayOn! Sports

PlayOn! Sports is more than just a place to work. It's a place to learn, grow, and thrive as people and professionals.

Culture is a key piece that makes up what PlayOn! Sports is.

Over the past few years, a lot has changed as the company has grown at a substantial rate. But one thing has remained the same - the people! Just three years ago, the company had just over 50 employees, and many of those had been with the company from the very beginning.

Today, we have over 200 employees, but when you walk around the halls of PlayOn! Sports you still feel that same sense of family. This company was built by these employees and continues to be.

We encourage a healthy work-life balance at PlayOn! Sports through offering flexible working schedules and generous paid time off in the off-season

This allows our employees to take off early in the afternoon to watch their kid's little league games or to take a nice long vacation over summer break. Our leadership team has increased the number of programs that we offer to educate our employees on current events happening around us plus encouraging employees to help out in their communities.

We offer a variety of employee development programs that our team members find extreme value in. Not only has the company invested in our employee’s professional future through leadership development programs, but the company also cares about the social future of our people by supporting the Coalition of the Willing, an affinity group created to promote education around social justice issues. When we're not gathering for lunch in the office, you can probably find us out and about taking advantage of all the city of Atlanta has to offer for happy hours, field day, and sporting events!

A Nationwide Network exclusively for High School Sports

When PlayOn! Sports joined forces with the NFHS in 2013, the NFHS Network was born! Since then, it has grown into the nation’s leading network for high school sports through a variety of different programs.

NFHS Partnership

The NFHS is the national governing body for high school athletics and other activities. When PlayOn! Sports and the NFHS created the NFHS Network, it quickly became the clear market leader in high school sports. Today, the NFHS and the NFHS Network continually work together to find new ways to champion high school athletics.

School Broadcast Program

Launched in 2009, the goal of the School Broadcast Program was to not only celebrate the accomplishments of student-athletes, but also student-broadcasters and students participating in other activities in high schools across the country. Throughout the years it's become clear that this program is truly a win win for everyone.

Automated Cameras

In 2016, PlayOn! Sports signed an exclusive agreement with Pixellot to bring its automated production solution to the US high school market. Now, over 15,000 schools have automated cameras installed on their football fields and gyms. The automated technology allows these events to be scheduled and streamed all on their own.

Come be a part of the team that is changing the game of streaming high school sports.